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TTworkbench Express v22 (Windows | Linux GTK | Windows 64 Bit | Linux 64 Bit GTK2)
TTworkbench Basic v22 (Windows 64 Bit | Linux 64 Bit GTK2 | Windows | Linux GTK)
TTworkbench Professional v22 (Windows | Linux GTK | Linux 64 Bit GTK2 | Windows 64 Bit)

TTsuite for TTworkbench

TTsuite-AUTOSAR-ReleaseBundle v1.0.0
TTsuite-eCall v1.1.4
TTsuite-H225 v1.0.5
TTsuite-H248 v1.1.24
TTsuite-IMS_Core v1.0.7
TTsuite-IMS_SS v1.0.5
TTsuite-IMS_SS_IW v1.0.5
TTsuite-IPv6 v1.1.4
TTsuite-ITS v1.3.2
TTsuite-M2PA v1.1.1
TTsuite-M3UA v1.3.8
TTsuite-OPEN-ReleaseBundle v1.0.0
TTsuite-SCTP v1.5.0
TTsuite-SIP v3.2.10
TTsuite-VoiceQualityRTP v1.0.8
TTsuite-VOTER v1.0.6
TTsuite-VOTER v3.0.5

TTplugin for TTworkbench

ASN.1 v1.1.14
ASN.1 Codec Factory v1.0.14
CSN.1 v1.0.3
Ethernet Port Plugin v2.0.7
FTP Port Plugin v2.0.7
HTTP Port Plugin v2.0.7
IDL v2.1.14
IP Port Plugin v1.0.11
ReleaseManagement Plugin v1.0.12
RS232 Port Plugin v2.0.12
RTP Port Plugin v1.0.7
SCP Port Plugin v1.0.13
Selenium Plugin v1.0.1
SNMP Plugin v1.0.8
Spirent TestCenter API v1.0.2
SQL Plugin v1.0.13
SSH Port Plugin v1.0.13
Telnet Port Plugin v2.0.7
TLS Port Plugin v2.0.7
TTmex v1.1.22
TTplugin Protobuf v1.0.10
WSDL v1.1.14
XSD v1.1.14

Press and Events
   Nov 16 Hyundai Motor Group selects Spirent solutions for Ethernet-in-the-Car conformance testing to verify in-car networking.
   Sep 19 Avnu Alliance and Spirent launch an Ethernet test solution for standardized interoperability testing of automotive networks.
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