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Introduction to TTCN-3

The Testing and Test Control Notation TTCN-3 is a modern, powerful test specification and test implementation language that supports all kinds of black-box testing. TTCN-3 was developed at the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and is the only standardized test specification language (also adopted at ITU-T).
Typical areas of application are
  • Protocol and service testing
  • Component, integration and system testing
  • Testing of embedded, communication-based, and distributed systems

TTCN-3 has a similar look and feel to a typical programming language. However, besides typical programming constructs, it contains all the important features to specify test procedures and campaigns for functional, conformance, interoperability, load and scalability tests. These test-specific features are unique compared to traditional scripting or programming languages, and above all technology-independent. TTCN-3 is suited for a large variety of application domains.

  • Mobile communications (LTE, WiMAX, 3G, TETRA, GSM)
  • Broadband technologies (ATM, DSL)
  • Middleware platforms (WebServices, CORBA, CCM, EJB)
  • Internet protocols (SIP, IMS, IPv6 and SIGTRAN )
  • Smart Cards
  • Automotive (AUTOSAR, MOST, CAN)

TTCN-3 stands out with over 20 years of experience in test specification and test automation. Being an international, open and maintained standard with standardized interfaces, extensibility is built in. TTCN-3 comes with a unique feature set, enabling you to create powerful test environments.

  • Dynamic concurrent testing configurations
  • Synchronous and asynchronous communication mechanisms
  • Encoding information and other attributes
    (including user extensibility)
  • Data and signature templates with powerful matching mechanisms
  • Test verdict mechanisms
  • Test suite parameterization and test case selection mechanisms
  • Harmonized with ASN.1, IDL, XML, and other languages
  • Well-defined syntax, interchange format and static semantics
  • Optional presentation formats (textual, graphical, tabular)
  • Precise execution algorithm (operational semantics)
  • Test suite and test system control
As recent developments show, industry and research start focusing more and more on testing with TTCN-3. This universal and adaptable testing language provides all necessary concepts and tools to cover the ever increasing test service requirements.

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   Sep 19 Avnu Alliance and Spirent launch an Ethernet test solution for standardized interoperability testing of automotive networks.
   Aug 24 New case study! Read how ENGIE Ineo is testing standard compliancy of a Voice Communications System with TTworkbench.
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